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AIESEC國際經濟商管學生會國際志工,二零一六年十二月十三日,我們從馬來西亞吉隆玻出發,路上大約耗時9個小時,終於抵達了台南後壁區 。熱情的黃永全先生在後壁車站歡迎我們的到來之後,就帶著我們去享用抵台後的第一道道地晚餐。水餃餡料十足,滷味和酸辣湯也讓我們胃口大開,這晚餐實在是讓人回味無窮!

On 13rd December 2016, both of us departed from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as international volunteers to Taiwan. It took us about 9 hours including flight, train ad MRT to reach Tainan area. Mr Huang Yong Quan welcome us upon our arrivals at Houbi station and took us out for our first meal in Tainan, which are 40 dumplings! The dumplings are tasty and are fully-filled with meat. Other than that, the braised dishes and sour and spicy soup had made this dinner an unforgettable one.



After dinner, we spent around 5 minutes to arrive at WUMILE community. For the next one and half month of being the volunteers, we will be staying at the home stay owned and managed by Mr Huang. When we first saw the home stay, our only feeling is that -- wow! this is too cool! A new amazing chapter began in our lives.


The next day morning, we learnt how to cut and wash white radish to prepare the traditional pickled radish. After few hours of efforts, we finally experienced how much efforts the villagers have to put in order to produce the traditional, complicated yet delicious dish. Although most of pickled radish in market are processed food, these people still insist on using the most traditional way to produce the most delicious taste. Their determination on maintaining and inheriting the traditional culture to the next generation is really impressed. For us, these few hours has opened our eye sights as we rarely have chances to experience this kind of activity. Although it is very tiring, but we felt satisfied as we saw the clean white radish that we prepared.

下午四點左右,我們有幸接觸到傳統的菁寮嫁妝一牛車。一群遊客以扮演傳統新婚的方式遊街,實在是新奇又有趣。大家的臉上都掛著燦爛的笑容,我們彷彿能夠透過這場景感受到幾十年前甚至幾世紀以前這地方的人們嫁娶的喜悅。遊街之後,黃先生就帶領遊客們到民宿後方一處空曠的草地拋斗笠-- 把煩惱都拋掉,大家一起來享受農家樂。另外,大家的距離也會通過這項趣味活動縮小,變得更親近。

We are honored to watch the traditional the Ox-Cart for Dowry at around 4’ o clock afternoon.  It is interesting that a group of tourists cosplayed the traditional way of marriages and they walked on the streets. We have really enjoyed the moment with them as we are able to imagine the same scene which happened a few decades or even some decades ago.  After that, Mr. Huang lead the tourists to an open field to throw the traditional hats away. The meaning behind this is that the people can throw away their troubles and enjoy themselves in the village. Also, it is to make everyone feel closer and warmer through this fun activity.


Time flies very fast and it is already the third day. Our time is more flexible today and we have a chance to experience a variety of children's toys in the old times. For instance, traditional scooter, walk on stilts, hula hoop, and so forth. We played the traditional games over and over, which the children from urban area have generally no chance to experience this kind of childhood. In addition, we did fetching water at the wells which has 300 years of history. According to the record, this well has already exists in Holland era.


We have experienced a totally different kind of lives in these three days and we have truly enjoyed it thoroughly. The positive messages brought up by WUMILE make us feel excited and more looking forward to the days in the next few weeks.


[ save our own village ] Mr. Huang Yong Quan, as a community planner of Jing Liao, feeling grateful for everyone who visit and report about his hometown - Tainan Houbi Area WUMILE~the maintenance and inheritance of heritage of the village, and the efforts of the villagers and youths who further their study out of the states. The development of WUMILE is based on the concept of social enterprise and it is adhered to the concept of not burdening the government - contribute to the society as we gain from the society.


Mr Huang sincerely thank you everyone for taking part in establishing the international cultural and tourism society.


WUMILE welcome everyone to visit. It is a very good chance to explore the life of staying in a village which is rich in traditional culture and heritage.


Mr. Huang Yong Quan also welcomes everyone to stay at the only legal home stay in Jing Liao community. The highlight would be the San Ho Yuan, the experience of exploring and staying in a village that exist for about 300 years and more, the local traditional food, DIY arts and the local souvenirs.


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